Friday, June 24, 2011

My Birthday is today!!!!

Well Today is my birthday....57 years ago I was born.  Seems like a long time in a way and such a short time in other ways.  Actually it has been a very short time.  I don't know what this day hold.  But it has started off wonderful.  God has given me a beautiful day for a birthday.  I got up and made coffe and set down in my recliner and picked up my laptop and there inside it was the prettiest card from my wonderful husband, Charlie.  He always remembers my birthday, and he always remembers our Anniversary.  I remember along time ago I received flowers that is when we were running the store at Manitou, and they brought them in and it said Happy Anniversary and I am the one that had forgot.  Can you believe that.  Well there is more to come today with this birthday and actually all weekend so maybe I will get back on here and post some more about my DAY!!!!!   I am so blessed!!