Sunday, August 28, 2011

I must be a boring person!!!!

Well it seems I just don't have alot to blog about. Or maybe I just don't have time. Since school has started I have been going to pick up Gabriel every afternoon. He is liking school it seems alot this year and that is a good thing. I remember his daddy when he went to school he did not want to go ever. One morning when he was in high school I guess he was having a fit not to go and I had him in the car taking him and I started to have a fit myself. Well needless to say it didnt really work just used up some extra energy I had.

Harley is loving school this year too. I am blessed with 2 beautiful grands. I wish I got to see Harley more she only comes every other week but when she does it is 4 days so I guess that is okay just wish it was more.

Fall is approaching fast, but it is still very hot and is supposed to be about l00 degrees this week. I guess we are lucky tho. We do need rain, but not a hurricane as they have had hurricane Irene on the east coast this weekend. But NYC was lucky it just turned into a tropical storm by the time it got there.

I need to do this every day and I would have a lot more interesting things to put on here so it would be good to start doing that. Every day something kind of interesting happens I just cant put it on here. HAHA!!!

In the meantime maybe I can add a picture or two!! I will see if I can upload the picture of my new bedroom comforter. I think it is so pretty.

Until next time

Well until next time I guess TOOTLES!!!