Thursday, March 15, 2012

Okay it has been a while, a long while that is. I think about it but just don't get down to it. It has been a quiet couple of months. I have been working with the Relay Committee, getting ready for our relay, Maybe just maybe I won't fall and break my arm at this one. The biggest thing happening around here is on January 6 Harleys little dog Skittles had puppies. Dealt with them all winter long. But Skittles was a wonderful little Mama and Lars was a great Daddy. We had some Birthdays in Febuary with Gabriel's being the 2nd and Harley's the 12th. My brother Terry had his on the 19th. Plus some cousins birthdays and a few other gifts we were buying. My Cousin Brenda and Her Husband Bill celebrated their 50th in March. So Maybe things hadn't been that quiet after all. LOL Also in February we had our annual Valentine Banquet at Church. That was a lot of fun too. Even tho my Valentine had to work that night. But that is okay. I got some flowers so that was a very special thing for him to do. I love him!!!! Needless to say we kept one of the puppies the black and white one. Harley wanted to keep it so I am keeping it in the house mostly but he really likes it outside. His name is Alfie. I call him Buddy and Gabriel calls him Cutie. Pup works good too!! He will never know what his name is. LOL!! Think I am kinda caught up so Tootles for now!! TOOTLES!!!!