Monday, June 7, 2010

The Wedding Planners

We are planning a Wedding.....My Niece Megan is getting married. She and Andrew Bryan McGregor will tie the knot on June 25th at Oakley Home Church with a reception following at Immanuel Baptist Church....which is the church that she and Andrew attend. My cousin Debbie and myself have been helping her with her arrangements.. I think Debbie should go in to the business of wedding planning because she is really good at it...On Monday we met at Oakley Home Church and made the pew very pretty....Ivory tuile, Ivy and Red Roses make beautiful bows...this is fun and I enjoy because I did not have girls to plan these things...I am so blessed to have such a wonderful niece who has asked me to help her with these things...It is going to be a beautiful wedding and she will be a beautiful bride.....Andrew is such a fine young man and we are so excited to welcome him to our family. I sure do hope he will enjoy being part of this family, sometimes a very disfuntional family, but a very loving and caring family.

God has been so good to us all.

Until next time,

Tootle Loo

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  1. The wedding is tomorrow....I am sure you are very busy. I hope it goes well. I think it was Megan that I saw at a job fair we had at the college back in May. I was set up there for work. I can't believe how grown they are. Time flys!