Tuesday, February 22, 2011



February the Month of Love

I guess February is considered the month of love because of Valentines day.  I did not post anything on Valentines day but Charlie and I went to Outback Steakhouse and enjoyed a wonderful dinner together.

Actually Charlie and I go out to eat quite often, one of our favorite places has gotten to be Oasis.  We have always went to Applebees but The Oasis and #9 have opened we have enjoyed going there.  As everyone knows Charlies favorite place is ElBraceros he could eat there every day.  I like it but sometimes it just really doesn't like me.  Most people who know me and have ever eaten with me know that I don't like anything that has any hotness to it at all.  Call me a wimp I guess.  I love Italian food best.  My Mom and I love going to Olive Garden and I even like to go to Fasoli's .  I suppose that Olive Garden is really a girlie thing, you see lots of ladies when you go there to eat. 

So somehow I got off onto eating and restaurants rather than February Love......  LOL!!!!!
Guess I may know where my heart is....Just Kidding!!!!

I have a wonderful husband who I adore and am so thankful to God for sending him my way.

My Sweetheart for the month of  February and all the rest of the 11 months left in the year.