Thursday, December 1, 2011

 This is the first day of December. CHRISTMAS TIMES ACOMING!!! My Aunt Helen Joyce sings this every year, it has become a tradition. She happens to be the only one who can remember the words!! It has been a while since I have posted, I think about it but don't get around to it. Things have been going on since my last post. 1. My dad turned 81 years old, but still kicks quite high, playing music for others in the rest homes and retirment homes.
this is the marine flag that I got him for his birthday! 2. Then comes October and Fall began. We had Halloween and had trunk or treat at church with a chili supper afterwards. It was so much fun. Loved decorationg up the back of the van and everyone decorated their vehicles up really good too. Jeremy turned 30 on the 30th also. and I don't need to forget that my sweet husband turned 57 and caught up with me on the 25th. October is always a very big month and I love FALL!!!!!
Oh yeah I went on the Bardstown dinner train too...had a great time with my bunco "girlfriends".
Gabriel played in the leaves under the tree outside Their apartment.
Harley and Gabriel got in some extra "bubbletime"  too!!
The scary guy with the white face was a ''boo'' on Halloween from Terry Yancy..a good buddy.
I also posted the picture of the open face roast beef sandwich I had on the train and also the server.  What a great meal!! There is also Gabriel decorating his pumpkin with his PaPa, and him and Harley in their Costumes.  Gabriel was Optimus Prime and Harley a really cute pirate and her mama made her outfit for her.

Well Then we had November and The Church Bazaar and Church Christmas Decorating.  Wish I had a picture of the church, maybe I will get one before Christmas is over and get on here.   It is really pretty with a revolving tree no less.

We had Thanksgiving and Mama didn't feel well so Jeremy Chasity and I did some getting in together on the friday.  Charlie and I spent Thanksgiving day at his Moms with Clara, Jermaine, Carrie, Mary and Ed.  A good meal was ate.  Not only a good meal there, but I hear that Joyce and Bobby had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal too.  Debbie and Joyce wore the turkey aprons that I had gotten Debbie and Carolyn for their birthdays.  Mama and Daddy and Jeremy, Chasity, and Gabriel spent the day with them.

For our Thanksgiving meal we had an exciting guest,  Laurens boyfriend Oliver from London, England.  How appropriate that we share a meal with someone from England.  I really did enjoy having them there that day.  Maybe we will get to see him again before too long.  I would think it would be kind of expensive to fly back and forth too often.

On Black Friday, Charlie and I went and did a little shopping.  Mainly for ourselves, isn't that the way it generally is,  you find what you want instead of what others do.

That just about brings us up to date , so until next time.


                                                       Harley and the Santa at Lowe's ... love it

                                                         Gabriel and Jeremy
                                                     Jermaine Clara and Charlie
                                                          Nana and Gabriel
                                                         Joyce and Debbie in their Turkey aprons

                                                         Jeremy doing some cooking on T/D

                                                         Harley being scary
                                                 My Fall Decor
                                                           Gabriel doing his pumpkin
                                                       Gabriels White pumpkin he did and Harleys little one
                                                  my van at trunk or treat
                                                               cute pirate
                                                                     Terry Yancy...HAHA                                                                                            


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