Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A New Start for Gabriel

Jeremy and Chasity have moved and along with this move they have had to change Gabriel in his school.  He was attending Pride and they still could have taken him there but the school decided that with his behavioral problem that since he is out of district that he could no longer go there.  So....he is now attending Hanson and what a wonderful school it is.  He is in kindergarten and as all know that know him know he has a few little problems but such a sweet heart he is... God works in mysterious ways.... you can say that again...This move is Gods blessing for Gabriel.  They are working with him at the school and I believe they really know what they are doing.  He has made a great improvement in just 3 days that he has been there.  Lets pray that this continues.  We want him to make the most out of his life and his school plays the most important part of it. 
As you can see he loves everybody and everybody loves Gabriel.  He is now in the same school with Harley so we all hope that works out he is crazy about her and I hope he doesn't think he needs to go to her class instead..LOL.. I know things are going  to be looking up for this little guy.  I know because we all are praying for him and we all love him so much. 
Well unil next time

Tootle Loo
Linda T